3 Key Traits Of The Top Family Lawyers In Sydney

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There are many family lawyers in Sydney, but not all of them are equal in experience or ability. While experience comes with time, natural talent is something that is harder to impart onto a poor practitioner.

If you are looking to hire one of these professionals, then it is essential that you understand which positive traits to look for. Since you have so many choices available to you, being able to differentiate between practitioners by comparing their favourable characteristics will help you make the best selection in the shortest amount of time.

You no doubt want to end your dispute with your ex as quickly and as favourably as possible, so finding one of the top family lawyers in Sydney to represent you is going to be a priority. The following will examine 3 of the traits that the most senior practitioners will possess.


1.   Professional stoicism

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While solicitors are not emotionless robots (they are humans too), the best professionals may seem like they are in order to better represent you. The legal system is about hard facts and making reasoned arguments based on past precedent, so having a family lawyer in Sydney who is highly emotional won’t do you any favours.

While you are allowed to laugh and cry during this challenging process in your life, the solicitor you hire needs to be a stoic bulwark against emotional overthinking. Where you might feel bitter resentment towards your ex and want to pursue legal measures to spite them, your solicitor should be the one to bring you back to reality and explain the cold hard facts to you.

Any family lawyer in Sydney who plays into your emotional side and advises retaliatory action is not a good solicitor at all. Their job is to interpret the law on your behalf and help you find the quickest and best solution to the dispute, not to stoke the fires of animosity between you and your ex.


2.   Negotiation skill

A crucial part of what family lawyers in Sydney have to do is assist with negotiations between you and your ex. This means they need to help you prepare your case and account for what your ex is going to demand in order to facilitate the best possible compromise between both of you.

If your solicitor is better than the one your ex hired, then you will have an advantage is getting a better deal during this process. However, if they are evenly matched than the best you can hope for is a compromise.

Regardless of the circumstances, you want to ensure that the family lawyer in Sydney you hire has the trait of being a good negotiator. This will help ensure you have the best chance of getting an outcome that is favourable for you.


3.   Has the best interests of children in mind

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One of the most essential traits of the best family lawyers in Sydney is that they keep the best interests of the child at the forefront of their minds. This means that they always seek to protect the best living standards and parental arrangements for the innocent kids that are caught in the crossfire of the divorce.

It is well known that divorce has a terrible impact on children who are caught up in it. The government’s role and the role of solicitors is to make sure that whatever arrangements are reached have the best interests of children in mind.

The above information should prove useful to you when you are considering the different options you have for family lawyers in Sydney.