5 Tips For Smokers Upgrading Their Bongs Online in Australia

The niche of purchasing bongs online in Australia has grown year on year.

What was considered something of a taboo subject for domestic consumers with their tobacco use has since blossomed into a mainstream culture that embraces innovation and capitalism.

The best advice that any smoker can take is sourced directly from fellow smokers who know which brands, outlets and materials will deliver the best hit and value for money.

Yet there are thousands of users across all states and territories who are wanting to expand their horizons off their own accord and don’t have that connection with the rest of the community to call on.

Here we will outline 5 key tips for those that want to upgrade their smoking experience.



Tip 1: Scour The Market For a Bargain

The broader the search for bongs online in Australia, the greater the knowledge of the consumer and the better quality the purchase will be. From New South Wales to Queensland and Victoria on the East Coast to South Australia, Western Australia and Northern Territory out West, there are businesses emerging that are offering extensive discounts and customisation features to earn their foothold in the market. Even if the user doesn’t end up selecting a newcomer on the scene, taking their array of items onboard can be useful when judging other candidates on their merit and testing which product line is superior.


Tip 2: Ensure an Easy Clean

To maintain the lifespan of a purchase for bongs online in Australia, it is paramount that the consumer source a product that is easy to clean without incurring any complications. This is an exercise that will require a glass item to be emptied and rinsed before applying some coarse salt, vinegar and an alcoholic wipe. For ceramics and metals, this is an activity that requires a unique touch with its own applications. Whatever the type of material, avoid brands that make the cleaning process arduous and taxing, because this is intended to be a relaxing and enjoyable pastime after all.


Tip 3: Acquire The Material That’s Right For You

The market for bongs online in Australia is rich and diverse. What has previously been a closed-knit niche where brands offered generic items has since expanded to a wide range of options for the domestic consumer. If the user is seeking the best hit possible, they would be better served opting for a glass brand that cools the smoke and provides a superior filtration process. Others that want to maximise their aesthetic with a customised look would be better served with a metal or ceramic asset that is more durable than their glass counterparts.


Tip 4: Secure a Warranty Where Necessary

Depending on the scale of the investment for sourcing bongs online in Australia, securing a warranty could be necessary for the consumer. Especially for an investment that ranges beyond the $200-$300 mark, no one wants to be left in a situation where a repair cannot be fixed or a replacement cannot be acquired at no added cost.


Tip 5: Don’t Compromise on Value

The final tip we will discuss for purchasing bongs online in Australia is not to compromise on value. So much of this endeavour will be based around price and acquiring goods that fit into the budget of the consumer. However, it is important to note how quickly these items have come over the past 10-20 years in quality without having to make concessions on using excellent materials that are durable for the user. Do not feel boxed into purchasing cheap plastic that won’t sustain 6 months just because it has a cheap price tag attached.