Benefits Of Commercial Solar Power

With the rapidly changing climate raking havoc across the world, there is an urgent need to turn to greener sources of energy. One of the most popular alternatives to traditional fossil fuels is solar power. Solar energy can be harnessed commercially through solar panels. When solar panels are installed at a building, the photovoltaic cells (PV) collect concentrated sunlight and convert it into direct current electricity during the day. The inverter then converts the DC electricity to alternating current electricity, which is used by all electronics these days. The AC electricity is sent to the breaker box electric panel. The excess solar energy is stored in batteries made of lithium-ion, lead-acid, and saltwater. Lithium-ion batteries are the most efficient option, however, they can be a bit costly. Solar energy stored on these batteries can be used to replace the energy provided by the national grid. If however, you choose to stay on the grid, it will power the building when the sun is not shining or during the nighttime.

Commercial Solar: Benefits for your home

Solar panels are a huge investment and many people are hesitant to take the risk. Here are some arguments in favour of switching to solar power at your homes:

  • Reduced bills
    Solar panels require investment at the first, however, in the long run you save up on your utility bills. When you use commercial solar, your electric meter actually runs backwards! You are producing access energy and giving back to the grid, unless you disconnect from it. Thus, it is a sustainable option to conserve your funds.
  • SRECs
    If you end up producing enough energy for your own needs and then some, you can sell it and make some additional revenue. Many states in the US regular this through a system called Solar Renewable Energy Credit. Through SRECs, your production is tracked and you are provided with a certificate. This certificate can be traded to others who need extra energy. Thus, you end up making money!
  • Net Metering
    When you are connected to the grid, any access energy you produce makes your meter run backwards. Your extra power is sent to the grid. You become the supplier, and you are compensated by the power company accordingly. The power company pays you for your produced energy at the end of each billing cycle. Another plus point for your finances!
  • Increased Property Value
    Homeownership is one the most important indicators of individual wealth. The resale value of your property is boosted exponentially if it has a properly installed solar power system. Since your home is self-sufficient, it also increases your home equity value! One investment leads to multiple returns in the long run!
  • Government Tax Breaks
    Many governments are providing subsidies and tax breaks to encourage people to convert to solar energy. They are also investing in extensive research and development to produce lower-cost, efficient solar panels. Meanwhile, the cost of investing in a commercial solar system might not be as big as you expected. The government reduces the burden on buyers by providing subsidies to the manufactures and reducing the cost of installation through public-private partnerships!
  • Low maintenance and high reliability
    Commercial solar systems from reputable companies utilize the highest quality material and innovative technology. These solar panels barely require any maintenance. They are easily accessible on the rooftop installation and individual solar cells are encased in protective glass cases. The glass case is then further covered by an aluminium shell or coating, increasing durability. These systems are built to withstand severe weather conditions. Even if your solar panel gets damaged, most companies provide long-term warranties and easy replacements.

Turn to solar, go green, save your bills and the Earth!