Best Curtains In Sydney: 6 Things You Need To Consider Before Purchasing

best curtains in Sydney

If you want the perfect set of drapes or shutters for your living room, bedroom or dining space, then you need to put a lot of time and thought into the process. Any decorator worth their salt will tell you that the best curtains in Sydney will make (or break) a room. To get the most out of your window treatments, use the following guide to help you come to the right style, colour and fabric. When you’re next out shopping for drapes, don’t forget the following pointers.

Line and length

You must know where you want the drapes to be situated (i.e. how high above the window frame). If you hang the fixtures above the window frame, it will give the room more height and perceived space. When measuring, make sure you measure from the top of the window and add a few inches for the extra height.

The best curtains in Sydney are consistent and stylish, regardless of what theme or period you are going for. Traditional drapes generally puddle on the floor, while modern shutters fall flush to the floor. If you want to shut out glaring sunlight in the morning, then widen the drapes, so they cover those small spaces around the window frame, where light often creeps through.

Colour and fabric

curtains in the bedroom

If you want the best curtains in Sydney for your home, then you need to make the fabric and color choices are spot on. Heavy drapes won’t fold properly if you want to take them down during the summer months, while lighter window treatments won’t fall well. If you want your drapes to pleat well, hold them up against the window frame to verify how they fall. This will also give you a good idea as to whether the color scheme works well with your interior design.

As a casual reminder, sunlight does fade drapes over time. So, if you’re planning on buying the best curtains in Sydney for the brightest room in your house, it might be best to steer clear of vivid, vibrant colors, since they will fade and deteriorate faster.

Climate considerations are important

Like the sunlight leeching color from your drapes, your local climate should dictate the type of drapes you are looking for. In NSW, it doesn’t usually get cold or windy until the winter months, so you probably won’t need suede or tweed drapes for the summer holidays. Nonetheless, tweed drapes are perfect for retaining heat during cold nights.

Adding life to your drapes

The best curtains in Sydney have an added degree of durability. Premium window treatments shouldn’t just last a few years; they should last a few decades. Most fabrics used for the best curtains in Sydney are interlined with an insulating felt material, which won’t only add heat but help the drapes retrain their shape and useable life.

Cleaning options

If you’re on the lookout for the best curtains in Sydney, you must ask the salesperson for the different cleaning options for each style. Are you going to buy dry-clean or washer machine friendly drapes? As a word of advice, don’t try and wash the material yourself, as this could likely damage them.

Home consultations are the best

If you genuinely want the best curtains in Sydney, then you simply must organise a home consultation. This is because a professional consultant can then come to your home and visualise what specific type of drape, style and colour will work the best in your home. Online consults or in-store discussions always have an added level of risk!