How a Tree Cutting Service Should Assess a Quote For Clients

Australian homeowners are likely going to be in the market for a tree cutting service at some point in time.

For those that are based in the bush, this will be a field that will be of particular interest to you, however there will be urban and suburban communities who will also need their expertise in unique circumstances.

What clients should be aware of are the danger signs when tree cutting must be undertaken to avoid hazards, and when there are quiet moments to take proactive measures to avoid those scenarios altogether.

Before conducting on online search for nearby providers and picking up the phone, clients should be briefed as to how a quote in this field will be formulated.

From small towns to major cities, there will be universal principles that determine their pricing structure, principles that all customers should take into account when being serviced by a tree cutting operator.

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Height, Size and Scope of Tree Cutting

A tree cutting service will have stringent guidelines that will determine their quote for a client based on some fundamental costs. This will include the amount of trees needed to be removed, any potential stumps to be taken from the site, the amount of pruning required and the height of the trees that must be pruned as well. There will be providers who make their own unique stipulations in this respect, making budgetary considerations per 10 feet, per 20 feet, per 30 feet or in bulk summations. All of these fees will be added together to give the first overall figure within the quote.


Frequency of Visits

The amount of future visitations and scheduled services will help to determine how a quote is formulated by a tree cutting service. When it comes to pruning back a tree and making cuts on precise branches where traffic can occur, it is usually recommended to make this an annual excursion. Yet this is not a universal principle as there will be trees that are exposed to a great deal of sunlight and precipitation that accelerates the growing phase, making more visitations necessary.

If the tree is dead or decaying, that will provide some clarity as to the frequency or lack thereof when it comes to future services for the client. All of this will be taken into consideration as returning customers can be offered loyalty discounts.


Overall Site Clean Up Procedure

When a tree cutting service enters the premises of a client’s home or happens to be situated on the street nearby, there will always be branches, offshoots and debris situated around the region. That will be part and parcel of the cutting process. Yet the time taken for the clean up will be factored into the quote as the man hours needed to dispose of all waste will need to be billed to the customer.


Additional Expenses

A tree cutting service can throw in a series of additional expenses depending on the number of staff on hand and the time taken to cut the trees and dispose of the waste. From fuel and transport costs to the chipping of wood and trips to dispose or recycle the green waste alongside the hourly rate of employees will all be inclusive of the bill. It is important for customers to gauge this carefully if they are questioning the merits of a tree cutting exercise on their property.



Ideally as the client, you will undertake some research and cross check references for a tree cutting service you identify. No two providers are identical, but if you can source the reviews and see how they run through their quoting procedure, then you will be better informed about their expertise and their quoting practices.