How To Check If Your SEO Campaign Is Running On Course


The professional SEO for enterprise companies inherently understand what constitutes a successful campaign.

For those outside of the field, there could be a general appreciation for the practice without knowing the specific details.

We know that traffic matters, that social media helps, that video plays a role and that there needs to be a degree of investment in time and money.

However, once an enterprise has given the green light on a project of this scope, how are you to know if this is a venture that is earning traction to become a success, or if it is throwing good money after bad?

Here we will outline some techniques to gauging your progress with search engine optimization.


Cut-Through of Selective Keywords

Fortunately with SEO analysis, a developer can break down the success and cut-through rate of selective keywords. See how they are valued by the search engine and how they are either improving or hampering your progress. This is an important starting point to begin your overall diagnostic.

SEO and its branches

Website Access Speed and Mobile Compatibility

What is abundantly clear in the domain of SEO is that website speed matters, and website compatibility to mobile matters. If these two boxes are checked, then many of the other obstacles suddenly become obsolete. Run your site through these free online checks to examine if there is content issues or structural faults that need to be addressed.


Domain Authority

Your domain authority or DA for short is run on a scale of 1 to 100 to give your site an overall percentage. Amid all of the chaos that is garnered with search engine optimisation, including every little detail and piece of content, this is a means of delivering a universal model that places your site on a scale. Run your URL through a DA check and examine what result it gleans.


Monitor Backlinks


It is vital that your brand runs an analysis on the quantity and quality of your backlinks, as this offers a guide to the relevancy and authority in which your site is considered by the search engine. Batched reports can illustrate with clarity and detail exactly how you are performing in this field as there is a requirement to source referrals through a certified network of peers and affiliates.


Amount of Content and Page Views

Traffic quantity is a surefire way of diagnosing the performance of your SEO campaign. Whilst quality is a factor that is taken into account, it is often the content that goes viral in the online sphere that helps to accelerate a brand’s standing against their peers. When a manager or analyst checks the page, video and image views, ensure that this is a graph scaling upwards or remaining on a healthy path.


Amount of Content Shares

Just how sharable is your content? SEO is as much about circulation as it is to score impressions and those that can entice followers and readers to spread the word are hitting all of the right benchmarks. Social media plugins deliver the most accurate and real time gauge of content shares available.


Search Engine Rank Result

The final facet that should be discussed when checking SEO progress clearly comes down to the search engine results page (SERP). Every single effort that is invested by operators is designed to increase this ranking, one small step at a time. Run all of your keywords through the search engine and check to see where you are standing, both from your own desk and that of an objective user that does not have your branded search history already included.



These SEO checks do not need to be undertaken continually, but it is worthwhile checking in to ensure that the project is progressing well. Changes can be made along the way, so do not fret if there are stumbling blocks on your journey.