How To Know If You Are Receiving Legitimate Aged Care Financial Advice?

old woman

Elderly clients who are looking to access the best of aged care financial advice should know whether or not these recommendations are indeed legitimate.

There can be dubious operators who purport to know the mechanisms and packages that are on hand, but this advice does not always lead to the best results for customers.

Rather than settling for the first name and face that approaches, it is important to undertake due diligence and study their credentials before taking their guidance seriously.


Strong Client History

Arguably the best gauge to assessing the credibility of a professional offering aged care financial advice is judging their client history. Looking into this department will help to demonstrate whether or not they achieve results, checking the feedback and ratings left online by constituents who utilised their services. If the responses are positive across the board with a litany of glowing testimonials, that will be indicative of a quality operator. The same principle applies to in-person referrals, connecting individuals with friends and family members to advise them on which aged care representative best fits their needs.


Recognised By The Industry

For any representative to truly be trusted when offering aged care financial advice, they need to be recognised by the industry itself. There is a litany of various bodies and associations that operate in this particular sector, providing training programs, licenses and certification for men and women who want to be able to open up new opportunities for Australian retirees. If they fail to disclose any of these details, that should be a red flag for customers who can easily take their business elsewhere.


Offers Multiple Avenues of Planning & Strategy

Participants know they are receiving quality aged care financial advice when they are not being boxed into one single plan. This is an industry with a great amount of diversity and choice, utilising certain schemes, programs and financial incentives that vary from one individual to the next. It will span government-funded initiatives to aged care home agreements and in-home care services. Rather than being limited by what is available, these specialists should be putting all options on the table before customising a plan that works for their long-term interests.


Transparent Communicator

Without clear and concise communication between the client and the professional offering aged care financial advice, there will be a breakdown in trust. No results can be achieved without clarity in this instance, ensuring that the specialist and the customer are on the same page for their stated objectives and outcomes during the process. If there are limits placed on consultations as questions and queries are left unanswered, that will be a signal to constituents that they are not worthy of their business.


Partnerships & Associations

Professionals who are in a capacity to provide aged care financial advice won’t do so alone. They will have formulated key partnerships and associations that demonstrates their credentials within the industry, connecting with other specialists and networks to deliver upon their promises to their constituents. In many instances they will have established connections with local nursing homes, government representatives, medical outlets and finance experts who can help their client delve into the detail on these provisions.


The good news for retirees who are seeking expert aged care financial advice is that they can always identify a quality operator if they are unsatisfied with the work that has been undertaken. These professionals work on behalf of the client and are required to look out for their best interests, so if there are doubts and reservations about their legitimacy in the industry, then it is always a safer bet to do business with a specialist who ticks all of the right boxes.