Why Buying A Pet Water Fountain Saves You Time & Money

For those who have a little furry friend, the annoyance and challenges associated with ensuring it is properly hydrated can be a headache unto itself – enter, the pet water fountain. These nifty little gadgets have become more intuitive and fun for both the owner and the animal it’s serving – and they have quite a few features and benefits that are not always talked about (although we think they should).

The days of bending down and filling up the bowl are in the past; a pet water fountain combines the very best of modern technology and provides owners with the peace of mind that their furry friends will be hydrated on the warmer days when they’re out of the house.

Nifty Features Often Found With A Pet Water Fountain

There are a number of different companies offering their own variation of a pet water fountain that are currently on the market, some being more old school and traditional in design and utility, while others seem like they’re fresh out of a science fiction movie!

While there is something special about each one, we’re going to explore some of our favourite features that makes us excited.

Consistent Flow

One of the main features for any decent pet water fountain is the consistent flow of liquid that is naturally alluring for animals and encourages them to drink more. We’ll always prioritise the brands and models that offer a little more customisation in their options, some giving multiple flow speeds and directions for those with multiple animals.

The changing pace of the flow of liquid will of course be different for each animal and owner, but it is a nifty feature for any pet water fountain.

Filtration Options

Pet water fountain

This is both healthy and convenient for your little furry friend’s health, many of these systems either have an in-built filtration system or a removable and replaceable one that filters out toxins and nasty bits and delivering cleaner and healthier hydration for the little ones. Some utilise a charcoal filter that provide a superior experience and more reliable delivery of hydration.

Smart Phone Connectivity

The ability to turn the pet water fountain on or off on the go is a wildly fun and inventive feature that is still making its way slowly but surely into the market. This feature is best suited for those who are out of the house more than not, or in the very warm days where timing is important to ensure the tank does not run out before returning home.

Night Lights & Button Mechanisms

So many of these systems now come with a night light or something inviting and wonderful for the little ones to enjoy as they drink up. We’ve seen a pet water fountain or two that can even be activated by a little paw push which is adorable first of all, and secondly it teaches your beloved little friend a new skill that will impress the whole family.

Give your little friend a pet water fountain and make a positive change in their lives!