Why You Might Need An Orthodontist In Hawkesbury


Are you embarrassed about your smile? Do you feel the need to avoid smiling with your teeth or find yourself covering your mouth when you laugh? A crooked smile or issues like an overbite can be embarrassing and even painful to deal with. Dental issues can cause serious damage to your self-esteem and can prevent you from properly enjoying your life. If you’re experiencing issues then you may want to visit an orthodontist in Hawkesbury to talk about your treatment options and whether or not dental braces may help to improve your situations. Read on below for more information about why you might need an orthodontist in Hawkesbury and when it’s time to make an appointment.


You have an overbite

Do you find that you accidentally bite the roof of your mouth when you bite or that your teeth disappear under the top of your jaw when you bite down? You could be dealing with an overbite. An overbite when pronounced and left untreated could cause you some serious dental health issues include gum tissue trauma and damage to your teeth. It’s easiest to combat and overbite when you’re a child because their jaws are still developing which makes them easier to position but an orthodontist in Hawkesbury can help anyone at any age correct an overbite.


You have an underbite

young boy with an under bite teeth

On the other end of the spectrum is the underbite which is basically when your bottom teeth go over your top teeth when you bit down. These can be very problematic when you’re trying to eat or speak and can increase mouth injuries so if you feel like you have an underbite you should seek the help and advice of an orthodontist in Hawkesbury.


You have an open bite

When you smile do you notice that there is a gap between your top and bottom row of teeth? This is known as an open bite and can cause issues with speaking and eating. It can also cause problems like tongue thrusting. An orthodontist in Hawkesbury will be able to help you manage this issue with corrective treatments like braces.


Your teeth are crowded

If there’s not enough room in your mouth your teeth can get crowded. This means that your teeth may overlap and can cause a crooked smile. Sometimes, this can also cause your wisdom teeth to be impacted eventually so getting a wisdom teeth removal procedure in Hawkesbury will also be necessary. Many people find this issue embarrassing and also struggle with problems like plaque build-up and cavities. Dealing with a crowding issue can help to protect your oral health and will straighten out your smile.

If you’re considering getting the treatment you should know that there are many great treatment options available now and some great alternative to traditional metal braces including invisible aligners which are much more discreet. Speak to your orthodontist in Bligh Park about the options available to you and how much they cost.


Your teeth are irregularly spaced

If you have gaps in your smile or you have missing teeth than a dental health professional may be able to help your correct your smile with treatment options like metal braces, ceramic braces, Invisalign or plastic brace. If you’re embarrassed to smile because of spacing issues than seek help to close the gaps in your teeth and manage the look of your smile. It’s important to note that managing gap teeth is more than just about fixing about the look of your smile but also helps to prevent oral health issues as it helps to protect your gums and helps to limit food from getting stuck between your teeth and causing problems such as cavities.